The Ideal Spot for Chicken Nesting Boxes: Where to Place Them for Optimal Results


Why Placement Matters? Factors to Consider

When it comes to chicken nesting boxes, finding the perfect spot for them is crucial. The right placement ensures your hens feel comfortable and secure, which ultimately leads to better egg production and healthier chickens. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Safety First: Predators can pose a threat to your chickens, so choose a location that offers protection. Avoid placing the nesting boxes near access points or areas with poor visibility.
  • Privacy Matters: Just like humans, chickens appreciate their privacy. Opt for a spot that is secluded and away from high traffic areas.
  • Lighting and Ventilation: Chickens require adequate lighting and good airflow. Select a location that receives the right amount of natural light and offers proper ventilation.
  • Easy Access: Having easy access to the nesting boxes makes egg collection a breeze. Make sure the location is convenient for you and your flock.

Remember, happy and stress-free hens lead to better quality eggs and healthier chickens overall.

Best Places to Put the Nesting Boxes

Now that you understand the factors to consider, let's explore some of the best places to position your chicken nesting boxes:

1. Inside the Coop

Placing the nesting boxes inside the coop is a popular choice among many chicken keepers. It offers maximum protection from predators and ensures your hens have a warm and cozy environment.

🐔 Expert Tip: If space allows, create a separate area within the coop specifically dedicated to nesting boxes. This will provide additional privacy for your hens.

2. Against the Wall

Positioning the nesting boxes against the wall provides stability and gives your hens a sense of security. Make sure to leave enough space between the boxes and the wall to allow for easy access.

🐔 Expert Tip: Add some soft bedding material, such as straw or wood shavings, to make the nesting boxes more comfortable for your hens.

3. Elevated Platforms

Creating elevated platforms for your nesting boxes not only keeps them away from potential predators but also discourages your hens from sleeping or roosting on top of them.

🐔 Expert Tip: Consider angling the nesting boxes slightly downward to prevent eggs from rolling out and breaking.

4. Partial Enclosures

Building partial enclosures around the nesting boxes can provide an added layer of protection for your hens. This setup ensures privacy while still allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance.

🐔 Expert Tip: Use chicken wire or mesh for the enclosure to allow proper ventilation and prevent trapped odors.

5. Separate Nests for Broody Hens

If you have broody hens, it's best to provide separate nesting areas for them. Broody hens require extra seclusion and minimal disturbance to successfully hatch their eggs.

🐔 Expert Tip: Use dividers or curtains to create private spaces within the nesting area specifically for broody hens.


Proper placement of chicken nesting boxes plays a vital role in the productivity and well-being of your flock. Consider the factors mentioned above and choose a location that ensures safety, privacy, and comfort for your hens. Remember, a happy and contented hen is a generous egg-layer!

So, whether you decide to place the nesting boxes inside the coop, against the wall, on elevated platforms, or in partial enclosures, make sure you prioritize the needs of your chickens for optimal results.

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