How Many Eggs Does a Hen Lay Before She Sits on Them?


Hey there, fellow chicken enthusiasts! 🐔✨ Today, let's dive into a common question that often crops up among poultry keepers: How many eggs does a hen lay before she decides to settle down and start hatching her precious bundle of peeps?

An Egg-cellent Question

Now, I know you're anxiously awaiting the answer, so let's get cracking! 🥚🐣 The number of eggs laid by a hen before she decides to start a family varies depending on a few factors:

  • Egg-laying breed: Different breeds have different egg production capabilities. Some are known for their prolific egg-laying abilities, while others are more inclined towards broodiness.
  • Age: Young hens often lay more eggs than their mature counterparts.
  • Environment: A comfortable and stress-free living environment can encourage hens to lay more eggs.

Typically, hens will lay anywhere between 4 to 12 eggs before they start feeling the maternal instinct and decide to sit on them. However, there have been instances where hens have laid up to 20 eggs before settling down! Talk about an overachiever! 😲

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The Final Egg-travaganza

So, dear chicken enthusiasts, the answer to the burning question of how many eggs a hen lays before she decides to sit on them varies. It truly depends on the breed, age, and environment. However, with our Chicken Nesting Boxes, you can ensure your hens have the perfect spot to lay their precious eggs and start their broody adventure!

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